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About MMI Industries


Through the eyes of MMI's Founder Brennen Jackson

MMI Industries was founded in 2021 with a vision to change the Recruiting Industry’s paradigm.  

After having worked for both a large, corporate recruiting firm and a start-up he realized that the way recruiting is approached is entirely wrong. 

Recruiters focus on selling solutions to technical problems their clients face. 

To him, that seemed like an impossible and backwards task.  

How can you solve a client’s hiring needs when you do not understand their organization’s culture, short- and long-term goals and mission?  

He began working on Psychographic Recruiting as an answer to this question. 



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Improving Lives

We do what we do to improve the lives of both our employees and candidates that we work with.


Personal relationships

We build lasting relationships by taking the time to understand your business and mission from the start.

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Honest Business

At MMI Industries  we create win/win solutions. Everyone walks away from knowing they got the best deal.


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