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Employer Branding

Employer Branding goes beyond solving the short-term problem of gaps in your organization chart. 


A long term solution to your hiring problems

When you work with MMI Industries for Employer Branding, we assign you a dedicated account manager who works with your leadership team to discover the underlying issues leading to your business problem.

We work together with you to develop a strategy with actionable feedback to achieve the brand image you need to attract top talent in your market. 


MMI Industries Employer Branding services help you achieve your long-term hiring goals by providing a combination of talent acquisition services as well as strategies that will create maximum impact for your business in the future. 

Our Employer Branding Process

Introduction call

Learn how we do what we do.

Our Business Development Team works with you to help you understand how Psychographic Recruiting works.  

We walk you through the solutions we offer and help you decide which of our services is right for your unique business case.

A Deeper Dive 

Once you a ready to take the next step, we assign you a dedicated Account Manager.

Your Account Manager will work together with your team’s key stakeholders so we gain a strong understanding your organization’s culture, short- and long-term goals and mission.


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