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Recruiting: Fixing the Paradigm

Recruiters have a very complex deal cycle with separate sales funnels for prospective clients, candidates and existing clients resulting in many questions that currently are being addressed in a fundamentally incorrect manner. The recruiting paradigm must be changed. Changing how the industry, at present, addresses these questions will result in better profits and increased customer satisfaction. The necessary changes will come in the development of new psychographic recruiting techniques as well as the new smart technology that will assist this process.

Pyschographic recruiting models are the future of successful recruiting firms but what is psychographic recruiting?

Psychographic recruiting is the process of assigning quantitative metrics to the most important qualitative metrics for assessing a candidate's probability of success in a firm. Firms that develop a psychographic recruiting model will generally have longer retention of their candidates they place, reducing backfills and improving their relationship with their clients. Developing a psychographic recruiting model requires careful selection in recruiting staff and technology to aid them.

Recruiting staff selection must begin on a psychographic basis, no different than how a good recruiting vendor would. In the words of Peter Thiel, “companies don’t have cultures, they are cultures.” This means that every recruiting company will have their own unique culture that will affect the type of people who work there, the markets they service and the clients they do business with.

It is from this culture that recruiting firms must determine the people who will work for them by determining what metrics are most important to each firms’ success. The result of this new idea in how recruiting companies think about their staff will shift the industry from the current, stick anyone with a pulse in a seat method, to a method using careful consideration based upon mutual deep held beliefs, synergy and purpose.

Recruiters will be passionate about the clients and candidates they serve and will be wholly invested in the process.

The shift from quantity to quality will result in more work being accomplished by less individuals. Recruiting firms will then be able to reduce headcount resulting in some easing for their presently strained margins and reducing the sheer volume of calls being made to hiring managers. Firms will use the newfound slack in their budget to upgrade support tools and training in psychographic recruiting techniques for their recruiting teams resulting in even higher efficiency from their teams.

As the industry adopts this new standard, clients will slowly become more willing to take recruiters' calls under the new paradigm. Recruiters will go back to their once prestigious position. Clients will be happier to speak to recruiters and recruiting firms will see increased gross revenues produced by each member of their team.

Once recruiting companies have selected the right staff, they can begin to address the problems of the markets they serve. The new age of recruiters will be skilled in understanding the emotional and intellectual intelligence of their clients and candidates. Recruiters will also understand how the balance of those two intelligences and other key metrics help identify the stasis, the values and beliefs that two or more people share, and how those stasis affect potential candidates' positive or negative impacts on a client and their objectives.

Clients and their recruiting vendors will build enduring relationships on mutually held stasis. Recruiters will better understand their clients’ needs and objectives and provide the right talent with the right culture to be a part of their clients’ cultures. The self reenforcing process will result in ever deeper connections and better business relationships furthering the business objectives of the recruiting partners and the clients they serve.

What is MMI doing?

MMI Industries is working at the forefront of psychographic recruiting development. MMI’s recruiting team is committed to building a network of psychographic recruiting firms to change the way the industry addresses its clients objectives. MMI has partnered with various technology, recruiting and client firms to research and develop cutting-edge recruiting methods with the end goal of improving the recruiting industry and the customer and client experience.


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